Wednesday, September 20, 2023

#StandUpUAW Rally in Rochester

Sept 19 The United Auto Workers are engaged in an historic strike, targeting all three major auto makers - Ford, Stellantis and General Motors. They are making major advances in their demands, in particular calling for an end to 2-tier employment. This is a foundational demand to re-unify the workforce in the auto industry!

While the plant in Rochester has not yet gone on strike, that doesn't mean that they won't. We are standing up to fight alongside their union siblings who are on strike!

We rallied today with the United Auto Workers to demonstrate that Rochester is a Union Town and that if and when these workers do go out on strike, they have our support!

Mayor Malik Evan speaking in support of the UAW workers!

Christina Couchman speaking on behalf of the Federation of Social
Workers - Fair Contract Now!

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