Monday, February 23, 2015

Solidarity SafeZone Training

The Rochester Labor Community in collaboration with 
Pride at Work AFL-CIO and the Gay Alliance presents:


One of the best things about unions is that they believe in equal treatment and justice, and they act on that belief!

In that spirit, this training is designed to increase union activists’ knowledge about and comfort with the needs and concerns of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) workers.  Studies have shown that LGBT union members greatly appreciate it when their leadership visibly welcomes and supports them as workers, members, and citizens. This training will help you be a more effective and inclusive leader by:
  •   Learning the preferred terminology
  •  Getting examples of inclusive contract language
  •   Learning the dynamics of Coming Out
  •  Debunking stereotypes and myths
  •  Understanding the cost of closeting in the workplace
  • Recognizing the importance of being an ally

When:                  SEPTEMBER 19th 
                               Program from 8:30am to12:45pm
Where:               NYSUT - 30 North Union Street, Rochester, NY 14607
Cost:                    $25.00 which includes membership to Pride at Work AFL-CIO

                              Scholarships available.

Space is limited  - so please fill out and mail this form as soon as possible.

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