Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Pride at Work Statement on Assini

Pride at Work is proud to have a decades-long partnership with Congresswoman Louise Slaughter. She was for LGBTQ equality long before it was popular. She has stood with us against unfair trade deals that ship good-paying New York jobs overseas. She is a steadfast supporter of the right to organize and bargain collectively. She is fighting to pass landmark civil rights legislation that would guarantee LGBTQ people protection from discrimination in employment, housing and much more. In good times and bad, Congresswoman Slaughter has had our back.

Mark Assini compared marriage equality to child molestation and bestiality. He endorsed the notion that transgender people are mentally disturbed. We have a name for people like Mr. Assini: bigot. Hate has no place in the public square. We condemn Mr. Assini’s assertions and positions in the strongest possible terms.

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